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We are the biggest technological associative platform for SMEs in Argentina.

Comprando en Grupo makes up the biggest purchasing pool of retail businesses, brought together by our associative technology platform.

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The Technology Platform

Through our associative platform, we allow retail business owners to boost their product portfolio.

We work in lines of business such as electricity and lighting, housewares and home furniture, camping, fishing, sanitary and taps, as well as machinery and tools.

Our services give them better profitability and more competitive prices, avoiding and eliminating interactions with suppliers and other intermediaries.

A consolidated organization

We pool the orders of more than 5500 SME businesses all over Latin America and, thus, we get better purchasing conditions by bargaining with national and foreign suppliers.

In conclusion, we look after your goods from the moment you add them on your online trolley until we deliver them to your trustworthy cargo and freight company.

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Daniel y el equipo de CEG
We accompany you at every step

Our work methodology is based on an active listening to our associates as well as a cooperative model in which, above all we understand your needs.

We give you the opportunity to actively engage in proposing suggestions for your line of business. Besides, once a year we invite our associates to travel and visit the factories we work with, as well as to participate in international fairs with the goal of improving and boosting their activities.

You will be accompanied at all steps by our Logistics, Marketing, Product Development, IT, Administration and Commercial teams. All in all, we work towards making your experience with an exceptional and incomparable one!

Join the retail business community

Joining CEG, first, benefits your business and, at the same time, benefits every member since you become a member of a collective growth!

Through our official communication channels, you can interact with colleagues and, in this way, keep up with the news, as well as, create fruitful bonds with them. In other words, when one grows, everybody grows! We also arrange annual meetings where we give trainings in sales and economy related issues, as well as, digital trends and leadership.

In conclusion, our greatest satisfaction is to see Latin American SMEs thrive!

You can also join us!

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