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Associating to is easy.

Why should you join our associative platform?
Retail businesses choose us. We offer technical support as well as strategic and administrative support; that’s why we power your business!

At, we know “Union is strength”. Thus, the more we are, the better the benefits.

Become an associate

Your voice also counts

Each CEG member has an active participation in the group. That is why we are more and more! Communication channels among associates in the same line of business, as well as with our work team, are our main tool.

Our active listening allows us to understand what you need and how we can help you to meet those needs. Thus, in our meetings, we listen to you, share information, and nourish ourselves. In this way, we turn your opportunities to improve into solutions.

Check out some of our associates’ testimonials and find out what they said when we asked why they chose to join CEG and what benefits it brings about to their stores.

Are you a supplier?

Our R&D and purchase team is always collecting data. Thanks to their constant research, we can offer our associates different services.

We have reached agreements and, currently, work with national suppliers, as well as foreign ones. All of our providers have the highest standards of quality and certifications which give CEG members the backup and safety necessary to sell their products.

We are a network of SMEs that brings our associates close to products from different lines of business such as housewares, camping and fishing, electricity and lighting, as well as machinery and tools, among others.

Would you like to offer us your services or products?  Enter below your company’s data and we will contact you.

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