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Associated businesses

Union is strength! We continue adding more associated businesses all round Latin America!

We have over 5500 associates in Argentina, from Jujuy to Ushuaia! All of them work in different lines of business and, that is why, they decide to include our products on their shelves.

By joining our associative platform, they have access to solutions that help them be more profitable and, in that way, they can offer their customers products with a good price and quality.

Check out the testimonials of those who have already joined.

Find out here about the brands and products that our associated businesses can sell!

Where CEG is, an SME grows!

Every company that joins Comprando en Grupo translates to better purchasing possibilities for everybody. What is more, being a CEG member does not entail an admission or membership fee.

What are the benefits of working with CEG?

You get better profitability and earnings by selling our products.

You avoid intermediaries in the acquisition chain by purchasing directly from the factory, at ex-factory price!

You order your products without leaving your house or office.

You don’t pay an admission or membership fee.

You trust CEG the entire project management, communicating with you at all of its stages. We are your company’s foreign trade office.

And finally, as an associate, you receive training in sale techniques and state-of-the-art trading trends.

Join us as an associated business!

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